tmh training & consulting – your forwarding power

Service providers who are determined to not only survive in this tough market environment, but are committed to greater success, require special knowledge and skills. tmh training & consulting’s training curriculum covers the entire spectrum of knowledge needed to ensure your success, more profitability and longevity. Our training programs are custom tailored to the very specific needs of the freight forwarding and logistics industry.

The services offered by tmh training & consulting are based on our comprehensive forwarding and logistics experience paired with specific market insights and many years of successful domestic as well as international leadership practice. To sum it up: we will extend to you the support of a partner who speaks and understands your language. We are intimately familiar with the daily challenges you face in your business. You will be able to count on us not only during the training or consulting phase, but also during all of the implementation processes that naturally follow.

By making available to you a broad spectrum of services, tmh training & consulting will make your team even better, stronger and more efficient. Our portfolio comprises everything from basic seminars to rhetorical and speech techniques to complex subject matters such as the use of body language in sales or getting your target price in negotiations. We also teach business executives how to apply emotional intelligence in business scenarios. And again: All geared towards the freight forwarding and logistics industry.

Our consulting division will help you obtain ISO certifications and will coach you on product portfolio expansions, guide you to higher efficiency, cost reductions and increased profits.
We also provide detailed evaluations on inside and outside sales processes and offer comprehensive improvement tracks and plans. These are just some of the topics all having one common goal: To make your company more successful and sustainable in a marketplace that is getting more and more competitive by the day.