Applied Emotional Intelligence at Work: The Seminar for Business Executives

The logi­stics indus­try is domi­na­ted by facts, figu­res and data. It is a busi­ness that requi­res ana­ly­ti­cal thin­king. It is con­tin­gent upon con­cise fore­casts and bud­gets as well as the ability to per­form a detailed  supply chain manage­ment ana­ly­sis, among others. Howe­ver, these are only some of the requi­re­ments modern logi­stics mana­gers have to meet. Moreo­ver, they have to manage employees, demons­trate empa­thy, handle situa­tions with ade­quate sen­si­ti­vity as well as have good lis­tening skills. They have to bring ima­gi­na­tion to the table, do their work with inte­grity and honesty and much, much more. Hence, a high level of emo­tio­nal intel­li­gence is a must. This semi­nar will help you expand your know­ledge and emo­tio­nal intel­li­gence skills. You will quickly rea­lize that it is a wort­hwhile investment.

Focal topics

  • The four cor­ner­sto­nes of emo­tio­nal intelligence
  • Emo­tio­nal honesty
  • Emo­tio­nal energy
  • Pre­sen­ting an abso­lut­ely authen­tic self portrait
  • Con­s­truc­tive Discontent
  • Influence wit­hout authority
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