Basic Personality Development Seminar

The demands and con­di­ti­ons people have to comply with in the freight for­war­ding and logi­stics sector are get­ting toug­her all the time – just like in all other ser­vice indus­tries. Having the right tools is an abso­lute neces­sity for those who want to suc­cessfully cope with these deve­lo­p­ments. During this basic semi­nar you will acquire the fun­da­men­tal know-how you will need to be more asser­tive and successful.

Focal topics

  • Suc­cessful communication
  • Speech tools for your per­so­nal benefit
  • The ori­gi­na­tor principle
  • The win/win principle
  • Posi­tive thin­king resul­ting in sales and manage­ment success
  • Using the sub­con­scious as your power center
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