Field and Inside Sales Training

This semi­nar was spe­ci­fi­cally deve­lo­ped for all sales staff inter­ac­ting with ship­pers, con­si­gnees and par­ties respon­si­ble for the pay­ment of freight char­ges on a daily basis. The topi­cal point of depar­ture is the 5‑step prin­ci­ple for suc­cessful sales nego­tia­ti­ons. It covers ever­y­thing from the ice-brea­king launch to the nego­tia­tion, to the suc­cessful clo­sing of the sale. 

Based on these fun­da­men­tals, other sales aspects will be covered as well. Inci­den­tally, the tech­ni­ques this semi­nar tea­ches are opti­mum ele­ments to include in the advan­ced trai­ning of inside sales staff working at the cargo call cen­ters of air­lines or freight for­war­ders, but can also prove to be hel­pful in com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons with part­ners who no longer fit the pro­file of the con­ven­tio­nal ship­ping manager.

Focal topics

  • The suc­cessful sales negotiation
  • Ele­gant and tar­ge­ted ques­tion techniques
  • Active lis­tening skills
  • Get­ting your target price
  • Make a posi­tive and memo­rable impression
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