Optimized Time Management Seminar

Your cus­to­mers, sup­pli­ers, staff and those you share the market with all have one thing in common: any inter­ac­tion with them does take time. You know it best from your own expe­ri­ence – time can be a com­mo­dity you simply don’t have enough of these days. This semi­nar will show you how you can manage your time, and the­r­e­fore yours­elf, more effec­tively. For ins­tance, you will learn how to quickly and asser­tively decide whe­ther the person cont­ac­ting you is a poten­tial key cus­to­mer or a “time thief.” You will acquire the proper tech­ni­ques that will enable you to opti­mize your time manage­ment and use your resour­ces in a sen­si­ble manner.

Focal topics

  • Opti­mi­zed time management
  • How to suc­cessfully combat “time thieves”
  • Under­stan­ding ques­tio­ning tech­ni­ques and app­ly­ing them effectively
  • Distin­gu­is­hing bet­ween “work you must do” and “work you can do”
  • Sepa­ra­ting urgent tasks from important ones
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