Rhetorical Techniques and Speech Training

Every trans­por­ta­tion or logi­stics com­pany exe­cu­tive who wants to be suc­cessful should have the fun­da­men­tal ability to faci­li­tate a semi­nar or make a pre­sen­ta­ti­ont­hat enthr­alls the audi­ence so that ever­yone con­ti­nues to listen and pay attention.This inter­ac­tive semi­nar offers num­e­rous prac­ti­cal exer­ci­ses to pro­vide you with the tools you will need to deli­ver com­pel­ling per­for­man­ces, regard­less of what type ofspeech you have to give. These tech­ni­ques will work equally well whe­ther you are giving an ad-hoc public address, whe­ther you have to con­vince an audi­ence or gene­rate enthu­si­asm for an idea or con­cept. You will learn how to package important topics in an inte­res­t­ing manner, how to tho­roughly prepare for your speech and how to pre­sent a rive­ting intro­duc­tion and mas­terful clo­sing state­ment. Moreo­ver, you will acquire the skills needed to over­come stage fright, for the smart mas­king of mental black­outs during a speech and many others

Focal topics

  • Speech dra­ma­turgy (pre­pa­ra­tion, intro­duc­tion, closing)
  • Dif­fe­rent types of speeches
  • Prac­ti­cal advice for every situation
  • Using posi­tive wording
  • Fair and unfair dialec­tic methods
  • Repar­tee deve­lo­p­ment exercises
  • Voca­bu­lary expansion
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